Opening and closing times

School begins

School opens for all children at 8.45am and it would be great if they could be in by the latest of 9:15am.


School finishes 

P1-1:55pm (Monday- Thursday) 1:50pm (Friday)

P2– 2pm (Monday-Thursday) 1:50pm (Friday)

P3– 2:50pm (Monday-Tuesday) 2:00pm (Wednesday-Thursday) 1:50pm (Friday)

P4– 2.50pm (Monday-Thursday) 2:00pm (Friday)

P5/6– 2.50pm (Monday-Thursday) 2:00pm (Friday)

P6– 2:50pm (Monday-Thursday) 2:00pm (Friday)

P7– 2:50pm (Monday-Thursday) 2:00pm (Friday)


Please see the attachments below to download our policies. If you would like to see any other school policies please contact Mrs. Lyness.

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